• Is only $12 per adult (scholarships are available).
  • Requires no volunteer commitment.
  • Shows support for our school and students.
  • Gives you direct communication about our events.
  • Is open to parents, grandparents, and neighbors.
  • Builds our IVE community!

Why YOU Should Join IVE PTA



IVE PTA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the educational experience of students while fostering a strong sense of community.


Research shows that children perform better when parents and guardians are involved at home and school.


Get connected with our school and community through participation in the PTA.


PTA's membership is its legislative voice. The more members we have, the more voting delegates we get representing us on matters of interest to our IVE community.


Also, PTA connects you to other parents/guardians and teachers through meeting and events and by getting involved you will be part of helping to make a positive change.



Join IVE PTA and you become a member of the state and national PTAs. Visit and for a complete list of perks!


In addition, IVE PTA Membership gives you free access to amazing adult education content at ParentWiser.


Who can join? EVERYONE! Parents, grandparents, extended family, staff, teachers and even local community members or businesses.




Want to pay with cash or check? A printable membership forms is available here. Please return forms and payment to the IVE PTA lockbox in the IVE lobby or mail your form to IVE PTA 555 NW Holly Street Issaquah, WA 98027.




Need Help? 

IVE PTA is proud to serve a socioeconomically diverse community, and we do not want anyone's financial situation to prevent them from joining the PTA or participating in any of our programs. If joining the PTA is a financial burden, we can provide assistance. Please request a scholarship on our Membership Form or contact our membership chair at for more information. All inquiries are kept confidential.

Want to Help? 

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, we have temporarily disabled the ability to donate a PTA membership until all donated memberships are assigned. 


Would you like to make it possible for an IVE family to join the PTA that might not otherwise be able to do so? If so, please consider donating a PTA membership via the Membership Form. Thank you for your sponsorship!


Upcoming Events

All PTA events subject to Covid-19 guidelines and ISD approvals. Check back here for latest info near event date.

No Upcoming Events