The Issaquah Valley Elementary Art Docent Program is a PTA funded, volunteer led art education program. Docent volunteers teach approximately eight lessons a year for grades K-5.


The Art Docent program provides art lessons and supplies that introduce the elements of art and principles of design, art vocabulary, art criticism, art history and demonstrate art’s intersection with culture. The program offers students experiences in a variety of artistic styles and exposes students to multiple mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, printmaking, clay and more. 


The Art Docent Program supports Washington state’s Visual Arts Grade Level Standards K-5.  Students gain essential experience being creative in an open-ended environment.


Art Docent Programs throughout the district fill the gap between what the state and district funding provides and what our students require. We truly appreciate the generosity of the Issaquah School District, principals, classroom teachers, and parents who support our PTAs and in turn our Art Docent Programs.


Opportunities to Volunteer:

Art Docent for a Class

We need art docent volunteers for each classroom.  


Lead Docent volunteers are asked to plan, coordinate and present one art lesson a month from October to May.  Volunteers are provided with age, stage and grade appropriate art lessons and program support. Volunteers do not need to be artists or possess skills in all artistic disciplines; only a passion for the arts and a willingness to learn and have fun along with the students. 


You may also come to assist each art lesson and help the Lead Docent with tasks related to the lessons. 

Sample Lesson Plan Layout


Grade 1: Yayoi Kusama Lesson

Art Plan Lesson Page

Video: The Advanced Colors Song (3:45)

Video: From Here to Infinity (6:35)

Biography: Yayoi Kusama



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